The International Foundation Programme (IFP) is designed to support students to meet the academic and English language entry qualifications to pursue university degrees. On successful completion of the IFP at Euro University of Bahrain (EUB), students are qualified to progress onto undergraduate degree programmes offered at EUB.


The International Foundation Programme at EUB has been designed by the University of London. The University of London is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the UK. The University of London is composed of 17 member institutions, including universities such as King’s College London, the London School of Economics, and University College London.


By taking the IFP at EUB, you will have demonstrated that you can achieve high academic standards, that you have excellent subject knowledge, and that you have developed both the skills and intellectual curiosity necessary to succeed at university. Students at EUB are registered with both EUB and the University of London. Upon successful completion of their programme of study, students will receive an award from the University of London as well as EUB.

The IFP modules encourage you to become an analytic and critical thinker by focusing on current real-world issues. Classroom teaching uses contemporary issues to support learning of academic subject knowledge. On the IFP, you will also focus on learning the study skills and academic English required to succeed on the course and in your future studies. Once you have enrolled, you will have access to materials and information in both lessons and textbooks as well as through a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which is provided by the University of London.

Course Structure

The IFP runs over two semesters. The programme structure for the IFP at EUB is comprised of four academic subject modules, three compulsory Bahrain education specific modules, and two English for Academic Purposes modules.

Course Structure

Code Module Credits Term
FP0001 Mathematics and Statistics 15 Full year (Autumn and Spring terms)
FP0002 Economics 15 Full year (Autumn and Spring terms)
FP0009 Law 15 Full year (Autumn and Spring terms)
FP0010 Business and Management 15 Full year (Autumn and Spring terms)
AR0001 Arabic Language 10 Spring
HIS0001 Bahrain History 10 Autumn
HR0003 Human rights 10 Autumn
ENG101 Academic English 1 15 Autumn
ENG102 Academic English 2 15 Spring

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