The BSc Computer Science from the University of London gives students the skills to achieve their career goals. The programme uses creative, interactive approaches to provide immersive learning experiences that will help students build the technical and transferable skills needed for a fulfilling career

Academic Direction

Founded in 1891, Goldsmiths is world-renowned for teaching and research in creative, cultural and computational disciplines. Goldsmiths encourages students to explore ideas, challenge boundaries, investigate fresh ways of thinking and stretch themselves intellectually and creatively. The Department of Computing at Goldsmiths is driven by a view of Computer Science that captures this spirit.

Course Structure

Code Module Credits Term
FP0001 Mathematics and Statistics 15 Full year (Autumn and Spring terms)
FP0002 Economics 15 Full year (Autumn and Spring terms)
FP0009 Law 15 Full year (Autumn and Spring terms)
FP0010 Business and Management 15 Full year (Autumn and Spring terms)
AR0001 Arabic Language 10 Spring
HIS0001 Bahrain History 10 Autumn
HR0003 Human rights 10 Autumn
ENG101 Academic English 1 15 Autumn
ENG102 Academic English 2 15 Spring
Code Module Credits Term
CM1005 Introduction to programming I 15 Autumn
CM1010 Introduction to programming II 15 Spring
CM1015 Computational mathematics 15 Spring
CM1020 Discrete mathematics 15 Autumn
CM1025 Fundamentals of computer science 15 Autumn
CM1030 How computers work 15 Autumn
CM1035 Algorithms and data structures I 15 Spring
CM1040 Web development 15 Spring
Code Module Credits Term
CM2005 Object oriented programming 15 Autumn
CM2010 Software design and development 15 Autumn
CM2015 Programming with data 15 Spring
CM2020 Agile software projects 15 Spring
CM2025 Computer security 15 Spring
CM2030 Graphics programming 15 Spring
CM2035 Algorithms and data structures II 15 Autumn
CM2040 Databases, networks and the web 15 Autumn
Code Module Credits Term
CM3005 Data science 15 Autumn
CM3015 Machine learning and neural networks 15 Autumn
CM3020 Artificial intelligence 15 Autumn
CM3025 Virtual reality 15 Spring
CM3035 Advanced web development 15 Spring
CM3050 Mobile development 15 Spring
CM3070 Final project 30 Full year (Autumn and Spring terms)


International Foundation Programme
BSc in Business Administration


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