Located in the heart of Manama, EUB’s City Campus provides an excellent student experience and houses an exciting environment for our students to thrive academically. Located on the prestigious Government Avenue, students are a walk away from the capital city’s historic Souq, Bab-Al-Bahrain, where students can see how merchants shaped the business environment of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Surrounded by the biggest banks in Bahrain, students are immersed in professional surroundings where they can get real world insight into the workings of some of the largest employers in the region. For entertainment, the campus is conveniently located only minutes away from the biggest retail malls in the Kingdom.

In developing our City Campus, particular emphasis has been placed on providing students and visitors concept of a journey on an exciting educational journey.

Bahrain Hall

The Bahrain Admissions Hall, provides a warm welcome, acting as the gateway to the student journey from Bahrain to a world of opportunity, where students will experience many exciting multinational, multicultural experiences during their time with EUB.

Euro Hall

EUB’s Euro Hall serves as a pleasant social and activity area where students can whet their appetite for creativity, inspiration and success.


EUB’s classroom inspired by the City of Music features beautiful artwork celebrating Vienna’s classical past, exciting present, and
ambitious future, which are echoed in EUB’s values of connection, inclusion, innovation and distinction.


Named after the Capital of the European Union and the official seat of the European Commission, Council of the European Union and European Council, the Brussels classroom represents the most important administrative centre of the EU, providing students with an inspiring model of multinational cooperation and collaboration.


Celebrating the so-called the eCountry, the Estonia computer laboratory provides a nod to the importance of interconnectivity in the modern world, recognising that the forward-looking Baltic state boasts the most digital public services in Europe, and further boasts being the only state which is completely covered by WiFi.


The Lisbon classroom commemorates the beautiful Portuguese City of Seven Hills perched on the western edge of Europe. Like Bahrain itself, Portugal punches above its weight in terms of in its ability to combine ancient, classic and modern in its stunning architecture.


The Dublin Classroom celebrates the City of 100,000 Welcomes and the Irish capital’s open-hearted nature, which has enabled it to embrace the idea of a united Europe, welcoming the sharing of ideas, economy, culture and, yes, fun!


With its dynamic multinational, multilingual population, London is truly a melting pot of the modern world, and the London classroom is inspired by the kaleidoscope of our students’ origins and their mutually supportive coexistence.


The Paris classroom celebrates the City of Love with its beautiful artistic contributions, stunning architecture, and amazing engineering feats captured in the iconic Eiffel Tower, all providing a beacon of inspiration to EUB students.


The Rome classroom commemorates the grandeur, history and culture of the Eternal City, providing beautiful artwork to inspire EUB students.


The Berlin classroom commemorates this City of Reunification, which tragically divided for decades by the Berlin Wall, now stands as a monument to multiculturalism and respect, enjoying the benefits of peace, culture and history, and providing a true, living symbol of what can be achieved when humanity works together.


The world of business owes so much to Genoa with its contribution in 1340 of the double entry system of bookkeeping, and the Genoa classroom celebrates the many contributions of this lovely Italian city.

“Black Diamond” Library

Scandinavia is represented at EUB in its “Black Diamond” Library, inspired by the nickname of the Royal Danish Library with its modern, futuristic design.



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