The concept, design and application of EUB will make it not just an exceptional and unique university in Bahrain, but in the whole region. The concept of “Euro” draws on the education experience, culture and knowledge of Europe. EUB will draw selectively on what is best from across Europe incorporating generations of best-practice into its curriculum, be it German engineering, Italian design and automation, British management and administration, French politics and philosophy, or English law.

In keeping with EUB’s philosophy and approach to academic life, our first students at the City Campus will find themselves immersed not only in their academic programmes, but will also in the history, architecture and sights of Europe, the very colours, design and atmosphere redolent of the coalescence of East and West. This “living object” theme will be even more focused and much expanded when we move to our Main Campus and EUB becomes the largest private university in the region.

Dr Ahmed Aljanahi
Euro University of Bahrain



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