Academic Year 2022/2023

Admission Period

1st Sep – 2nd Oct 2022

Autumn registration period

20th – 25th Sep 2022

Add and drop period

25th – 29th Sep 2022

Beginning of autumn classes

25th Sep 2022

End of autumn classes

26th Dec 2022

Settle student fees

29th Sep 2022

Deadline for requesting withdrawal and 100% refund

29th Sep 2022

Request withdrawal and 50% refund

2nd – 16th Oct 2022

Request withdrawal and 0% refund

17th Oct – 13th Nov

Autumn midterm examination

13th – 17th Nov 2022

Autumn final examination

27th – 29th Dec 2022

Publish student grades for autumn

5th Jan 2023

Student appeal against grades (autumn)

7th – 9th Jan 2023

Spring 2022/2023

Spring registration period

2 – 5th Jan 2023

Add and drop period

8th – 10th Jan 2023

Beginning of spring classes

8th Jan 2023

Settle student fees before

10th Jan 2023

Request withdrawal deadline (EUB modules)

23rd Feb 2023

Spring midterm examination

26th Feb – 2nd Mar 2023

End of spring classes

27th Apr 2023

Spring final examination

6th – 30th May 2023

Publish student grades for Spring

18th Jun 2023

Student appeal against grades (Spring)

19th – 21st Jun 2023

Summer 2022/2023

Re-sit final examination

20th – 24th Jun 2023

Publish student grades for Re-sit

3rd – 7th Jul 2023


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